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The exponential growth of data and the resources needed to manage it is one of the most pressing issues facing business today. And it’s not just the amount of data. It’s where it lives and how it travels between private clouds, public clouds and back to on premises. In these increasingly complex IT environments, it’s important to focus on what’s constant: the data.

Every one of our information management solutions – from business continuity to back up and recovery to software defined storage and information governance – is designed around the principle that information is more important than infrastructure. Veritas has the privilege to help the world’s organizations – including 86% of the global Fortune 500 – collect, protect, analyze and optimize their data, even in the most demanding environments.

Build, Operate and Secure
The highest quality customer service centers are useless if the data isn’t available when needed. To ensure uninterrupted availability and data protection, KT turned to NetBackup Appliances and cut its backup times in half.
Veritas Connects, Protects and Unlocks Information

Veritas gives you choice, without compromising reliability in the multi-cloud.

Defy disasters and outages. Keep your business running.

Reduce complexity. Scale for growth.

Software-Defined Storage Solutions

See what 360 Data Management Suite can offer you.

Veritas solutions focus on your information. Not infrastructure.

We guide you from migration to mastery.

Comprehensive solution.

360 Data Management is more scalable and cost-effective than using multiple tools that were not designed to work together.

No hardware agenda.

We manage information openly across new and old worlds so you’re never locked in. We help you evolve safely on your terms.

Enterprise proven.

We have a proven track record in demanding environments. 86% of Global Fortune 500 companies work with us.

Professional Services

Harness the maximum value of your information management investment.

Veritas Professional Services provide the expertise needed to help you bridge the gap between excellent information management solutions and the information availability essential to help you reach maximum business value.

Click here to watch how Veritas Professional Services can help tame business and IT complexity

Business Critical Services is available to simplify, maximize and protect your IT environment with a single point of contact, rapid issue resolution, proactive services, and access to experienced technicians.

Veritas Consultants apply broad expertise and deep knowledge to help you assess, design, implement, and manage systems and protocols that maximize information availability, and promote information insight.

Solve backup complexity with NetBackup appliance deployment to simplify deployment, maximize value and optimize backup within your environment.

Full remote management for NetBackup and Enterprise Vault provides 24x7 monitoring and remediation from product experts, relieving your IT staff of the burdens of day-to-day management.


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