Axiz has added the Cubro set of network visibility solutions to its growing stable of network management tools.

The network is the foundation of the modern business, providing the connectivity linking people and applications to critical business data.

With the growth of cloud-based services, the proliferation of devices and the necessity for anywhere, anytime connections, companies need to have a clear view of how their network is performing.

Neil Jackson, Software Business Unit Manager at Axiz, explains that while this is true of all organisations, the larger and more geographically distributed the company is, the more critical it is to have complete visibility of the network.

“For a company with a large wide area network, there are a number of factors that could impact on network performance, from the day-to-day actions of users to equipment malfunctions and application issues, and, of course, cyber threats.

“Without proper visibility, the first sign of an issue will be when users start logging calls about slow application performance and then it’s already too late. By employing effective network visibility tools, the IT team is proactively alerted to issues, allowing them to pinpoint the problem and resolve it before it impacts on the user experience.”

Comprehensive network visibility

Cubro provides comprehensive network visibility solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and performance-oriented. They provide organisations with complete visibility of their network and are in use across the globe in telecommunications, ISP, data centre, enterprise and government environments.

Jackson explains that traditional monitoring architectures are plagued with bottlenecks that reduce network visibility and scalability.

“Cubro solutions are equipped with more monitoring points which improve visibility by removing blind spots. From a security perspective, this is especially important since network events that may go undetected can result in bigger problems down the road. With more users working from home, this is going to be a priority for all security teams as less secure home networks present a much higher risk. The ability to monitor traffic at key points on the network serves as an invaluable troubleshooting tool for security teams, giving them insight into where these blindspots may be.”

Helping secure your data

The hyper-connected world makes it difficult to secure data. The network monitoring tools a company selects to protect their networks should be an integrated set of solutions that prioritise security, performance and advanced visibility. Organisations that adopt this approach will benefit from reduced costs, a safer network environment and gain a competitive advantage.

“By partnering with Cubro, we are further expanding our range of value-added offerings. As a leader in the European network visibility market, they provide network probes, network packet brokers, network TAPs, bypass switches and inline network devices, supported by advanced applications that can cater for any size of business. With a strong focus on identifying customer problems and building tailor-made solutions, the alignment with our goals makes them the perfect partner,” he concludes.