Jacques Malherbe joined Axiz in 2013 to build its Advanced Technologies business and is now the Chief Technology Officer of the company.

His ICT career stretches over three decades, during which time he has established a track record of building distribution businesses throughout Africa — including as the CEO of Westcon South Africa.

This experience has afforded Malherbe an abundance of knowledge which has positioned him as a top executive in the South African technology distribution industry.

Malherbe has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology with a keen interest in the new business models of the technology supply industry and the digital transformation wave.

His specialities include ICT value acquisition strategies and growing complex business idea companies in the ICT space.

In this interview, Anastasiou speaks to Malherbe about the new Distributed Edge.

Malherbe explains what the new Edge is, why it is important, and how it helps data centres to manage and reduce centralised traffic.

He then discusses the strategy that Axiz is building to adapt to the new Edge and explains how data management centres can use network slicing to deal with various 5G traffic loads.

Malherbe then talks about mobile WAN provider CradlePoint, and explains how it offers Wi-Fi connectivity to non-static and remote spaces such as on buses, on building sites, or in rural areas.

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